'New Girl' Gets New 'Blood': Ryan Kwanten To Guest Star!

Ryan KwantenIf you're staring down a long, lonely winter of singledom (including a loverless Valentine's Day in the cold, cruel month of February), then here's a piece of news that'll make you want to rip your own face into little, angry pieces! The news from E! Online is that Ryan Kwanten, best-known 'round these parts as the hot-bodied Jason Stackhouse on "True Blood," will be making an appearance on a special Valentine's episode of "New Girl" as a love interest for star Zooey Deschanel. Because apparently it's not enough for our friends, our boyfriends and every single guy we've ever crushed on to have a thing for the Hot Hipster Poster Girl; she's got to take our celebrity lust objects, too. Way to bogart ALL THE GUYS, Zooey.

The scoop from E! indicates that Ryan will play a prospective one-night stand for Zooey's character Jess, making her the 2,399,764th person in the world to take one look at Ryan Kwanten and immediately want to see him naked. But while we can't get our hopes up for some sizzling nude scenes (this show doesn't air on HBO, alas), this might be a great opportunity to see Ryan playing a different kind of role—and ooooh, perhaps showing off his natural, yummy Australian accent? 'Scuse us, but we've gotta go set our DVR.

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