Holiday Gift Guide: 'The Infernal Devices'

We don't want to freak you out or anything, but have you realized there are only 24 shopping days left until Christmas? Wait! No! Please don't make a mad dash for Wal-Mart, grabbing every package of tube socks and windshield wipers in a "Supermarket Sweep"-style frenzy. You're better than that! And we're here to help. All week, Hollywood Crush has been rolling out our Holiday Gift Guides, recommending the best buys for your buds this season. Today, we're taking a look at gifts for fans of all things...

"Infernal Devices"

The Cassandra Clare series is a prequel to her best-selling "Mortal Instruments," and tells the story of demon-slaying Shadowhunters in Victorian London. With the latest installment, "Clockwork Prince," hitting bookstore shelves on December 6, what better time to shop the series?

"Clockwork Prince," $11.99

This one's a no-brainer. In this second "Infernal Devices" installment, we follow Tessa, Will and Jem as they uncover more information about the dastardly Magister, all while trying to save Charlotte's job as head of the Institute.

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Tessa's Clockwork Angel Pendant, $89

Tessa's cherubic talisman rarely leaves her neck (except, you know, when she's transforming into someone else). The inspiration for the first novel's title, this particular pendant is a bit pricey (it was our favorite, though!), so we recommend a little online sleuthing to find a cheaper one if your budget doesn't allow for this beauty.

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"Reflections of the Thames" poster, $17

While you'd have to construct a time machine for your friend to stroll the streets of Victorian London (and, c'mon, that would be a lot of work), you can always gift her with this poster depicting the era. She can gaze upon it fondly while picturing Jem leading her along the city's cobblestone streets. And that's a pretty great gift, isn't it? Swoon.

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"The Steampunk Bible" by Jeff VanderMeer and S.J. Chambers, $15.21

Still a little confused about what exactly this sub-genre entails? (Yeah, us too.) Brush-up on all things corsets, goggles and mad scientists with this recently published tome.

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"Clockwork Angel" audiobook, $29.19

While your friend has most certainly read the debut novel in this series, has she had the chance to listen to the audiobook, featuring—wait for it—Ed Westwick? Did we also mention that he uses his British accent in this recording? On second thought, maybe we should include a fainting couch in this gift guide, too.

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