'Friday Night Lights' Star Zach Gilford Gets Engaged, But His Teammates Are Still Up For Grabs

It's December 1, and 'tis the season for warm, fuzzy feelings and sparkly things—which makes it oh-so-appropriate that "Friday Night Lights" actor Zach Gilford has just gotten engaged to girlfriend Kiele Sanchez. Us Weekly reports that the pair are set to be wed...well, there's no official date yet, but give the kids a break. They've been engaged for, like, five minutes.

Zach (best known for his role as Matt Saracen on "Friday Night Lights") met Nikki (best known for playing one of the most annoying characters ever to grace the set of "Lost") in Chicago while filming "The Matadors"; the pair have been dating since spring of last year. And while we wish them the heartiest congratulations, we can't help pouting at the removal of one of "FNL"'s most eligible bachelors from the market. So, to brighten our day—and yours!—let's check the stats of a few other hotties from our favorite football drama and see who's still available. Because while Zach is lost to us forever, we can still take a gander at...

The dude: Gaius Charles

Status: Available

You can thank the big guy in the sky that Gaius Charles is still on the market—literally. Gaius left Hollywood for a full three years in order to get his degree in theology and has only just reappeared as an actor on "Pan Am"; clearly, he's been way too busy to get serious with any given lady.

The dude: Scott Porter

Status: A mystery! (But possibly available.)

Scott spoke of a girlfriend while "FNL" was still on the air in 2009, but since then, there's been no mention! We're guessing they maybe broken up...or she's a spy/alien/vampire and can't be seen in public? Either way, we're putting Scott on our wishlist of sexy single men.

The dude: Taylor Kitsch

Status: Available

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ...Oh, sorry, it's just that every time we remember that Taylor is unattached, we can't help losing our shiz just a little. The smile! The chiseled jaw! The (OMG someone hold us) ripped, rippling bod! And yes, he's unclaimed, so go ahead and set your sights on Taylor.

Which of the "Friday Night Lights" hotties would you most like to tackle for yourself?