'Shatter Me' Author Tahereh Mafi Talks 'X-Men' Comparisons

Our fight against future foes continues this week as we, along with our friends at TheFABlife and NextMovie, celebrate all things dystopian!

With all of our, um, gentle prodding over the past few months, we can only hope you've made time to dive into one of our favorite dystopian reads of the year, Tahereh Mafi's intriguing "Shatter Me." The novel follows teen Juliette, who's been locked in solitary confinement for nearly a year thanks to her curse gift: her touch is lethal power.

Tahereh recently chatted with TheFABlife about her inspiration for the novel and her take on the dystopian trend, and we've got a bit of bonus material from the interview.

Now, if you've read "Shatter Me," you may have noticed a few similarities between its protagonist and a certain "X-Men" character played by Anna Paquin. But according to Tahereh, she'd never heard of the superhero until her novel was completed.

"I didn't even know who Rogue was until after I had finished the book," she said. "I had just finished the book and I was trying to explain to my brother what the story was about. I was like, 'Yeah it's about this girl, and she can't touch people because if she touches them, they could die. And he's like, 'Oh, like Rogue! I was like, 'Who's Rogue? Oh crap.' I didn't even realize that I'd walked into that. I actually went home that night and I watched the 'X Men' movie. The interesting thing is that she is being compared to Rogue a lot, but I want to say that in the first book you still don't really know what she's capable of or what her power is because even she doesn't know yet. There's definitely more to what she can do that you'll learn about in the second book. Her abilities are more clearly defined."

Speaking of the second book, Tahereh revealed that it's mostly finished, but couldn't divulge much else.

"I can't reveal [the book's title], but we actually just pretty much agreed on a title for the second book. I can't say anything, but I'm pretty excited about."

After having our socks knocked off by "Shatter Me," we have to admit we're a touch excited for the sequel too!