Kellan Lutz's Many Cuts: Which 'Do Does It For You?

Kellan Lutz, who changes his hairstyle more often than some people change their underpants, is at it again: the "Breaking Dawn" star tweeted out a picture of his latest 'do, and it' For where there once was hair—glorious, curly, multi-hued hair!—there is now only a five-o'clock head shadow and a prickly feeling. (He first tweeted a pic of himself with a Noah "Puck" Puckerman 'do, joking that he wasn't sure whether Movember was a mustache or Mohawk movement.)

Kellan had been duty-bound to hang on to his hair for the duration of the "The Twilight Saga" filming schedule, and no doubt he was giddy to see it gone; his tweet accompanying the pic mentioned the "amazing" feeling of frolicking in the Australian sea with his newly shorn head. But considering the smoldering sexylook on his face, we're thinking that he's thinking that the ladies are going to like this change, too. Sooooo...ladies? (And men! We don't discriminate!) Vote in our poll after the jump and tell us which Kellan cut you prefer!

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