Chris Meloni In Talks For 'True Blood'

Chris MeloniWe've already seen Chris Meloni flashing a badge on "Law & Order: SVU" and flashing, other things on HBO's "Oz," but there's one part of the man formerly known as Detective Stabler that we haven't gotten a peek at yet: his fangs.

But wait! (You are probably shouting.) Does Chris Meloni even have fangs?

The answer: maybe! Or at least, he'll be acquiring them soon—assuming that, as TV Line reports, he's about to snag himself a major role on the next season of "True Blood." Rumor has it that the owner of television's sexiest receding hairline is eyeing the part of a powerful vampire for the show's fifth season.

And unfortunately, that's all the news there is. But while we wait for some official confirmation from HBO and/or more unofficial whispering about the possibility of Chris' return to the small screen, we can get down to debating the really important questions that this news brings about. For instance, will he be nude? Will he be nude a lot? And will he (oh sweet mother of holy television possibilities) be nude in or around the same general vicinity as an also-nude Joe Manganiello?

What do you think of Chris Meloni as a possibly nude maybe-vampire?