Zac Efron Makes Us Swoon In New 'Lucky One' Featurette

The Lucky Oneby Emily Laurence

Is Zac Efron the next Ryan Gosling? The 24-year-old is gearing up to star in the film adaption of Nicholas Sparks’ weep-as-you-read book, “The Lucky One." And from the looks of a new featurette, you’ll be needing a box of tissues and a chocolate bar to keep you company while you watch. Much like “The Notebook," it’s a story of a brooding guy on a journey, who falls in love with a troubled blond along the way. And yes, there’s a hot, wet make-out scene. Of course.

Zac plays Logan, a young solider who finds a photo of a woman in the midst of a shootout in Iraq. He carries the photo with him everywhere, believing the stranger is his guardian angel. After returning from the war, Logan heads to North Carolina to find the woman in the photo, named Beth, played by Taylor Schilling. Instead of admitting upfront he’s been carrying around her photo, Logan takes a job as a hired hand, helping her family around the house. He finds out that Beth has problems of her own, but instead of running away, he sticks around. (We would expect nothing less from Mr. Efron...)

Whether you’re curious or just want to skip ahead to see Zac in a soaking wet T-shirt, check out the video below!

“The Lucky One” hits theaters April 20.

Will this be Zac’s best role yet? Do you think “The Lucky One” will be as big as “The Notebook”? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!