Thanksgiving: What Are Your Pop-Culture Plans?

Thanksgiving is a time for many things: being grateful for the year's bounty, spending time with friends and family, and stuffing your gourd with as much pumpkin pie as Aunt Bertha can bake. And, lest we forget, consuming copious amounts of pop culture. I mean, what better time than a four-day weekend to check all those books, movies and TV series off of your to-do list?

My personal plans are a bit of a mixed bag. After years of wrangling from friends, I finally ordered the first season of "Friday Night Lights" on DVD. I'm ready to spend the next few days with clear eyes, a full heart and a body full of tryptophan. On my reading list you'll find Isaac Marion's zombie romance, "Warm Bodies." (If you read Hollywood Crush on the regular, you know Summit Entertainment is adapting the unlikely love story for the big screen.) Last, but certainly not least, you better believe I'll be making at least one trip to the cinema this weekend. So many movies are out today. And with our friends at MTV Movies Blog singing the praises of both "The Muppets" and "Hugo," I'm feeling rather a wishbone. Ha! Turkey joke! So topical!

What are your pop-culture plans for Thanksgiving weekend, Crushers? If none of my ideas have inspired you, may I remind you that there will be plenty of awesome TV marathons as well? [Shameless plus: You should probably watch MTV's "Awkward" marathon. Seriously, though, I love that show.]

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