Kristen Stewart Enjoys England, Conan O'Brien's Beard

Team Edward? Team Jacob? PFFFFT. With "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" finally out in theaters, that debate is officially done (seriously, you guys; they're married, and fun as it's been, we must move on.) But if you're wondering where Kristen Stewart's loyalties lie...well, sorry Edward, but she's clearly TEAM COCO. And after KStew made an appearance on "Conan" last night, we're thinking her allegiance might actually be more dangerous than any vampire romance; one compliment from her, and Conan went positively feral!

But before that happened, Kristen spent some time talking about her current, country-hopping lifestyle, and the difference in celebrity treatment across the pond.

"It kind of varies," she explained. "In New York they're like, 'Don't flatter yourself honey, I was not looking at you.' It's a distinct look....but in London, people are sort of overly polite, and sort of just want to be nice."

But even though Kristen always seems sort of unsettled by her fame, she admitted that she's pretty comfortable out in public. Conan's question: Does she wear a disguise to avoid being recognized?

"Well, this isn't real" Kristen joked, pointing to her face. But in reality, she said, "I get by very easily. It's weird. I think Rob kind of gets [more attention]—he's very approachable, not to say that I'm not. But I think it's easier for people to talk to guys."

(Translation: "Twilight"-loving females aren't embarrassed to launch themselves at Robert Pattinson's face if they happen to see him out in public. And who can blame them?!)

Of course, Kristen has also been in England for months now, where she's perhaps just a bit less-recognizable to the average passerby than she would be in the US. And when asked how she's handling the cultural difference, she answered, "It's weird, you get asked that by English people all the time. But it's not that strange."

In fact, she's assimilated into the culture across the pond so well that she was even able to school Conan on proper English vocabulary: "A sausage is a banger, just so you know."

So, to sum up: Kristen is handling her celebrity status very well, English people are extremely polite and a sausage is a banger is a sausage.

Also, complimenting Conan O'Brien on his beard will result in an explosive reaction that cannot be conveyed in word. (Just watch and see.)

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