'Breaking Dawn' Screenwriter Reveals Deleted Scene Details

Even with the luxury of two expansive films to tell the story of one novel, it's inevitable more than a few frames will end up on the cutting room floor. Such is the case with "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," according to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. However, when we caught up with the scripter at the film's junket, she assured that even though some bites bit the dust, they'll likely get a second life.

"There's some on the cutting room floor that I suspect will end up on the DVD," she teased.

And just to be clear, Melissa isn't simply referring to bits and bobs; an entire pre-nuptial scene was edited from the finished product.

"There was a whole section before the wedding, with Charlie and Renee and Carlisle and Edward and kind of back and forth, but it just slowed everything down. There were some nice things in there. But, again, these are things that will show up again some day."

Among them is that much-talked-about, pared-down sex scene. "There's some of the honeymoon stuff that ended up—Bill went for it. [I was like] 'I want to keep it!'"

We share the sentiment, Melissa.

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