'Mirror Mirror' Trailer Ups The Camp Factor

With two different Snow White-related films on the docket for 2012, some folks have been wondering how "Mirror Mirror" would distinguish itself from the fairytale pack. And with the trailer out on Yahoo!, now we know the answer: It's completely, utterly, 100 percent ridiculous. But in a fun way!

Compared with its gothic, gritty competitor, this Snow White is a slapstick campfest; there's witty swordfight repartee between Lily Collins and Armie Hammer, Julia Roberts as a hammy, scenery-chewing diva queen, and Nathan Lane doing... well, that thing that Nathan Lane does.

The trailer is packed with gags, and even the movie's palette is playful, primary-colored and brightly lit. And while this somewhat goofy take on the classic story isn't quite what we were expecting (were those dwarves on pogo stilts that we just saw?), positioning itself as the family friendly antithesis of the uber-dark "Snow White and the Huntsman" is probably some smart strategy on the part of the filmmakers.

And okay, for real: Armie Hammer's impression of a wiggly, wriggly puppy is the most delightful thing we've seen all day.

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