How 'Breaking Dawn' Star Jackson Rathbone Got Ashley Greene To Flip For Him

From all the hubbub and scuttlebutt floating around the blogosphere, it sounds as though there will be plenty of titillating tidbits to savor in the upcoming "Breaking Dawn - Part 1"—in addition to that one scene no one can stop talking about. For instance, we hear there are Volturi to be found buried within the credits and a moment in which Ashley Greene flips for Jackson Rathbone.

Yep, you read that right. Apparently, Alice and Jasper cut quite the rug at Bella and Edward's wedding reception—a trick that required more than a little mettle from Ashley.

"We had to get a new Ashley Greene," Jackson joked when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked about the acrobatic feat. "Luckily we had the parts to repair her."

But in all seriousness... Jackson had nothing but accolades for his dance partner's skills. "She was an amazing trouper letting me do it," he said with a laugh. "Because, yeah, it's dangerous. It was scary. We had to rehearse a bunch. On the day, she was wearing heels, and we had to rehearse in the heels to make sure it was kosher. And it was good. It was good. We got it down in three takes."

Pretty impressive. Do we smell a mirror ball trophy in one (or both) of their futures? We'll have to reserve final judgment for when the film hits theaters Friday.

Click play on the clip above to hear more from our interview with Jackson, including which scene almost made him feel like a big ol' wuss.

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