'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Premiere Live Stream Starts Now!

Protect your pillows and hide your headboard because we're coming to you from the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," where all of your favorite bloodsuckers (including those with a penchant for demolishing furniture during sexytimes) will be in attendance!

MTV News' very own Josh Horowitz, accompanied by "Twilight" expert Terri Schwartz, will be live outside of the Nokia Theatre as the cast arrive for the film's premiere. What will Kristen Stewart wear? What crazy thing will Robert Pattinson say? Will Taylor Lautner's shirt spontaneously dissolve into a puddle of goo, revealing his 57-pack? These are all questions will endeavor to answer for the next two hours during our live stream. And for all the color commentary, you'll want to click past the jump where Hollywood Crush will have even more behind-the-scenes deets you won't get anywhere else.

Ready. Set. Go.

10:44Annnnnnnddddddd.... That's a wrap! Thanks for sticking with us all night long!

10:43 On her lack of speaking in the "Snow White and the Huntsman" trailer: "I'm so enigmatic."

10:42 "I've said the word 'thrusting' once. I promise. That's Rob's big word."

10:41 On the sneakers: "It's not a thought out thing. I hurt myself again." Poor, KStew.

10:38 Josh is now Joshy, according to Taylor. He says that if he were to re-team with Kristen and Rob, they'd do a comedy.

10:36 Kristen is wearing sneakers with her dress!

10:26 On the lack of Kristen Stewart's British accent in "Snow White and the Huntsman": "It's crazy. She's really good at it."

10:24 Robert Pattinson looks soooo dashing tonight. He says an R-rated version would be much better.

10:23Nikki Reed on her duet with Paul McDonald: "It's the coolest, most exciting thing ever for us."

10:21 We've still got Rob, Kristen and Taylor coming up!

10:09 Apparently Rob's name came up for "Rock of Ages," but he was too busy to even take a meeting about it.

10:07 Kellan's really looking forward to the arm-wrestling scene in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2."

10:06 Aw, poor Kellan and his donuts. We'll come over and help you finish those, buddy.

10:05 Kellan just hi-jacked the interview. And grabbed Josh's butt? He wants his two films ("Immortals" and "Breaking Dawn") to tie at the box office.

10:03 Apparently the "Twilight" men coordinated on the velvet jacket thing.

10:00 "The birth is so messed up." We love the honesty, Elizabeth.

9:58 Elizabeth Reaser is VERY sparkly. "I don't feel like this person in this dress in my normal life," she says of the fame. She realized "Twilight" was a big deal when shooting "Eclipse" and people were tweeting about it.

9:57 Bill says there was never an official R-rated "Breaking Dawn." He was told by the MPAA that it needed to be re-cut to earn a PG-13 and he did it.

9:56 Aw, Bill says he "so nervous" seeing it with 5,000 people.

9:56 And now Bill Condon. It's getting fast and furious now, kids.

9:55 Jackson apparently fell asleep at the "Twilight" premiere.

9:53 Jackson Rathbone in a Dolce & Gabbana crushed red velvet suit. It's a lot of look.

9:53 Ashley says she keeps her "Twilight" trinkets made by fans.

9:52 Sidenote: Rob and Kristen are posing together on the carpet! (And causing quite the commotion...)

9:50 Ashley Greene is a lady in red. This will be her first time seeing the movie too.

9:47 Peter: "When do you get to go on someone's honeymoon?" We will happily be a fly on that wall.

9:45 I think Peter Facinelli is wearing an ascot. Or a scarf? What is that?

9:45 On "The Host": "We just cast the boys. I'm so excited. I got to watch a little bit of her auditioning with the prospects. I couldn't take my eyes off her."

She says the chemistry is INTENSE. Can't wait!

9:43 Stephenie says she hasn't been doing any writing with the Bella and Edward characters. "There have been a few little things," she teased. She says she'll "maybe" go back to "Midnight Sun." [Editor's Note: DO IT!]

9:42 On the honeymoon: "It's romantic, I think. For a lot of people it will be too much and for some not enough. It does give you more than the book does."

9:41 Stephenie says her cameo in the wedding wasn't her idea.

9:39 Stephenie looks lovely in black.

On being an executive producer: "It was harder," she says. "It's a really grueling thing being on a movie set every day. But it was so great because I felt so aware of each part of the movie."

9:38 Taylor Lautner is here!

9:35 Stephenie is taking photos with stars who are her fans.

9:34 And we have Carolina Herrera...with Stephenie Meyer just feet away. Carolina says they discussed a lot beforehand.

9:28 "I loved working with Taylor and being out in the wilderness," Julia says.

9:27 Julia Jones just saw her first fan sign.

9:24 Rami Malek forgot who he was playing because there were so many vampires. (FYI: Rami's identical twin brother is laughing along and recording this whole thing...)

9:23 On the fan fervor during screenings: "Stop screaming. You just missed a good line there."

9:21 "I think this wedding," she says of her most satisfying saga-writing experience. "I feel satisfied by it. I like the toasts. They were fun."

9:20 Melissa Rosenberg is taller than Josh too! It's the theme of the night. "What I'll miss most is working with this group of people," she says.

9:18 Which one of Rob and Kristen's upcoming projects are you most excited about? "Snow White"? "Cosmopolis"?

9:15 Ron would prefer to be a werewolf rather than a vampire. Random...

9:14 Elizabeth Reaser is on her way too! SO. MANY. STARS.

9:13 Want to be as tall as Ron Artest? He recommends milk and Jell-O. Bill Cosby would be proud.

9:12 Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli and Lee Pace are all on the carpet. Stay tuned...

9:10 New blood, huh, Mia? Punny!

9:08 Mackenzie DOES look like the daughter of Kristen and Rob.

9:05 Mackenzie Foy! Too adorable. In her words, "Rob isn't cute." (I think a few people would disagree with you, honey...)

9:01 Alex Meraz color-coordinated with the carpet. Veeeeery slick, dude.

9:01 Would you camp out at Tent City?

9:00 We're an hour in and we still have so many people to talk to (and still so many vampire sex questions)!

8:57 Up next for Mike: a movie about a drug-dealing witch. "Twilight" it isn't.

8:55 Mike says his defining cinematic moment was barfing in "New Moon." We'll never forget, Mike.

8:52 Mike Welch says this is his last "Twilight" premiere. Dude, even if you're not in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," we're pretty sure they'll give you an invite.

8:50 Aw, Amandla Stenberg is here. You may also know her as Rue from "The Hunger Games." She wants to meet the "Twilight" triangle. Adorbs.

8:48 We totally heart Christian Serrato's dress.

8:45 AND...Chaske just cursed on the carpet. That's live streaming for you.

8:44 Chaske Spencer is a tall dude. (Though, in all fairness, a lot of people look tall next to Josh...)

8:43 Soundtrack artist Christina Perri says she cried the whole movie. "Everyone's going to freak out when they see it," she promises.

8:43 Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is here!

8:42 Every time we watch this bite from the honeymoon scene it feels like SUCH A TEASE.

8:33 Do you want to see an R-rated or unrated "Breaking Dawn"?

8:31 "Twilight" flashback. Kristen and Rob look so young in their first MTV interview! In case you forgot, they got to know each other hanging out around Kristen's dining room table.

8:27 Gosh, we're dying for a finished "Midnight Sun" too.

8:25 Lots of stars arriving... Tinsel Korey! Mackenzie Foy! Gil Birmingham!

8:22 And now onto "The Hunger Games." We've got Foxface (a.k.a. Jacqueline Emerson). She saw the awesome trailer for the first time today, too! She loved how real everything looks. She says she was a "huge" fan before auditioning. She adds that Jennifer is "the most talented actress she's ever seen." That's some high praise, y'all.

8:18 We have our first "Twilight" star! Justin Chon (a.k.a. Eric). Apparently people like to yell "Face Punch" at him. And he, like everyone else, is excited about the honeymoon scene. "I want to see how it goes down." So do we, buddy.

8:17 Cutie-pie Cody Simpson is on the carpet. Would you want to see him on the soundtrack?

8:15 Melissa Joan Hart and Taylor Spreitler are with us. LOVE "Melissa and Joey." Taylor is Team Taylor. Very fitting.

8:13 Tip: Stay for the credits after "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" (especially if you enjoy the Volturi).

8:11 Do you wish part of the movie was from Jacob's perspective (like in the book), or are you glad director Bill Condon kept the perspective broader?

8:08 "Rob Pattinson talking about sex for the last two weeks." WE ARE TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

8:00 Here we go! Here we go! We're on the red black carpet, live. NOW.

7:50 Okay, which "Twilight" star are you most excited to see tonight?

7:45 Welcome, welcome to our live blog! Please, make yourself comfortable.