'Immortals' Cast Caption Their Beefcake Shots

There is a lot to like about this week's bright and shiny addition to the "sword and sandals" movie canon, "Immortals." There's a little Greek mythology, beautifully choreographed action sequences, a love story, etc. Most importantly, however, there is a LOT of shirtless Henry Cavill. As such Relativity, the studio releasing the film, knows that promoting their stunning, semi-naked star via several gorgeous production stills will only help their cause. And not to mention the rest of the ridiculously attractive cast: Luke Evans, Freida Pinto, Kellan Lutz, Stephen Dorff, Isabel Lucas, etc.

When MTV News caught up with them during the film's press day recently, we asked them to play along with some photo captioning of the glossy, stylized promotional pics and unsurprisingly, they were happy to oblige.

Photo #1: Henry As Theseus, Ripped And Ready For Battle

Henry: "I'm thinking of what I was thinking at the exact moment [during filming] which was, 'The bell is ringing. What's going on?'"

Luke: "I know what I'm going to say... 'Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'"

Stephen: "What's the weather like today?"

Photo #2: The Gang's All Here

Luke: "Ready, steady, go!"

Henry: "Look at the size of that wave!"

Stephen: "We were trying to re-create our 'Saturday Night Fever' dance because we were cast before Travolta in that."

Photo #3: Fearless Freida

Luke: "What the hell are you looking at?"

Henry: "Your dress is on fire."

Stephen: "You look like the most beautiful goddess in a red dress with flames coming out behind you."

Photo #4: Freida Helps A Man In Need

Luke: "God, if he asks me to clean his underwear again I'm going to be so pissed off."

Stephen: "God, I feel like a BLT sandwich right now. I'm hungry, Tarsem"

Photo #5: Stephen Is Ready For Action

Luke: "He's scratching his leg with his sword."

Stephen and Freida: "Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Stephen: "Let me get some Phaedra. Where is she? I'm gonna cut her hair if she doesn't sleep with me."

Freida: "I'm gonna get that girl"

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