Robert Pattinson Explains His Screwed Up Handprints To Jimmy Fallon

Robert Pattinsonby Lauren Kearney

With "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" hitting theaters in a week (OME!), the stars have been all over late night dishing about the film and punching co-stars in the face. Robert Pattinson sat down with Jimmy Fallon last night, continuing to prove how perfect he is on and off screen.

As you'll recall, "Twilight"'s top trio recently left their mark at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and Rob, of course, had an interesting take on the whole affair. "It’s kind of like black toothpaste. It’s really strange," he said. "It doesn’t feel like normal cement.

"Whenever I see cement I always go and press it," he added sarcastically.

When a picture of the finished product was shown, Rob’s were just a little off-center. Okay, they were completely sideways. "I don’t know how I managed to screw that up. I think Taylor did a handstand on his because his are so indented. My hands also look smaller than Kristen’s hands. It was so embarrassing because you had to stand [in the cement] for quite a long time and everyone’s taking pictures,” he laughed.

Jimmy tried and tried to pry info about "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" out of Rob, asking questions about the “devil baby” and Jacob and Edward’s friend-or-foe status. But no dice! He wouldn’t budge. Not even a hint! Ugh, you’re killing us here! Now we really can’t wait for the finale!

Rob even showed his skill in archery when Jimmy challenged him to a game of bow-and-arrow darts, reigning victorious with a score of 25 to Jimmy’s 10.

So not only does he run lightning fast, have super-human strength and glimmer in the sunlight, but now he can shoot a bow and arrow?

Marry me?

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