A Recipe For KStew? 'Twilight' Star Kristen Stewart Addresses Cookbook Rumor

At this point, it's common knowledge that Kristen Stewart is quite the culinary talent; between the rumors of happily-sated cast members and the famous tortilla soup recipe that appeared in Vogue, her cooking skills are legendary. But when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked what we might see first: a cookbook from her or an album from Robert Pattinson, all Kristen served up was a big, fat helping of DISAPPOINTMENT.

"I'm waiting for the album," she said. And despite a clamoring public who wants nothing more than to spice up their kitchens with a copy of Kristen's cookbook, her next comment makes it look like those cookbook rumors are just that: rumors.

"The whole cookbook thing—just because you cook doesn't mean you're in a position to write one!" she exclaimed.

Well, fine. GEEZ. (But you're missing an opportunity here, KStew! Especially for a recipe called "KStew's K Stew"! C'mon, it's genius!)

But when it's pointed out to Kristen that her talents go somewhat beyond a mere ability to cook, she confirms her reputation so happily that we're thinking a second, side career in the kitchen might still be in her future. That delighted "I'm a chef!" is one of the most unselfconscious statements we've ever seen her make on camera.

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