'The Host' Welcomes Max Irons As Jared

Max IronsAfter hearing yesterday that Jake Abel had pretty much landed the role of Ian in the upcoming cinematic adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "The Host," we were sure it'd be another week before the other shoe dropped—namely, the hotly debated decision on who should take the other male lead in the film! But lo, the Hollywood gods are generous and kind: We now know, courtesy of an exclusive scoop from Entertainment Weekly, that "Red Riding Hood" star Max Irons has nabbed the role of Jared.

...Hey, wait a minute: didn't y'all pick Kit Harrington for this one? Looks like our psychic streak is at an end. Sad face.

For those keeping track, Jared is in love with main character Melanie, whose body is occupied by an alien parasite named Wanderer, who harbors a crush on Ian...and if you're still with us on that twisty-complex plotline, then Stephenie Meyer has trained you well. Saoirse Ronan plays the dual role of Melanie/Wanderer, and now that the three crucial leads are fully cast, hopefully we'll score some sneak peekage from the set once the film begins shooting in February!

[Editor's Note: Can we agree that the Max Irons photo above is, like, the hottest image of him ever?]

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