Taylor Lautner's Abs Dominate The Conversation On 'Today,' 'LIVE! With Regis And Kelly'

It's almost time for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," and the "Twilight" cast takeover continues! This time the main event was Taylor Lautner, who spent the earlier part of the day running from one morning show appearance to another—possibly in an attempt to find one interviewer who wanted to talk about something other than his abs.

Yeeeeeah. Keep dreaming, Tay-Tay. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THE ABS.

First up was a visit with "Today," where Taylor stepped onto the plaza for a quick chat with Al Roker and co... and, of course, abs. After being asked whether he ever gets shy about his frequent on-screen shirtlessness, Taylor replied, "Of course!" But, he added, "I was lucky in this one, because I was shirtless much less than Rob and Kristen are."

(We're guessing that 99 percent of the listening audience stopped paying attention at "I was shirtless," but good effort nonetheless.)

Taylor then went on to talk about the movie itself: "It's different from the other ones in tone, it's more mature. And my character grows up in this one."

And he also paid homage to his incredible luck at landing the role that catapulted him to a stratospheric level of fame before he'd even reached legal adulthood: "I can't even explain how fortunate we are."

But the abdominal onslaught continued: After making off with a gift of sports-related video games from the "Today" show staff, Taylor skipped over to "LIVE! With Regis and Kelly," where the subject turned to "Twilight" and its incredible, ongoing impact on popular culture.

"It's because of this kind of fan support, is what it is," Taylor said, indicating a group of delighted/hysterical girls in the front row.

Okay, no, but really? It's because of the abs. And when Taylor attempted to direct the conversation away from his famously muscled man-torso, Regis came back with a direct request:

"If you would just..."—he paused—"...show me your abs."

So while yes, we did transcribe the rest of Taylor's interview, there's no need for details; basically, it was a solid five minutes of Regis begging for abs, and Taylor saying "No" in various ways ("I've slacked off on working out," "You're making me shy,, "I'm trying to hold back," etc), until Regis finally changed the subject to something non-ab-related: the recent ceremony in which all three "Twilight" stars made their mark on the sidewalk outside Hollywood's famous Chinese Theater.

Or at least, it was non-ab-related... until Regis asked whether, y'know, maybe Taylor stuck his abs in the cement.

Which was obviously very inappropriate and disgusting, and definitely not something that we ourselves have wondered about on multiple occasions over the past week.

P.S. Nope, it was just the hands and feet. Sigh.

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Did you catch Taylor's morning show appearances?