'Breaking Dawn' Cast Reveal All In 'Yes/No Show'

After weeks of interviews for the upcoming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," the cast of this year's new "Twilight" flick are no doubt fatigued by the endless rounds of questions that they have to answer with, like, complete sentences involving actual words. So when we got the group for a visit, MTV News' Josh Horowitz went easy on them with a series of simple yes or no questions.

Or at least, it was supposed to be easy. A few highlights from the clips:

Do Taylor Lautner's friends still call him "Sharkboy"?

Answer: Yep. (But he's never had a pedicure, so, y'know. There's that.)

Did Peter Facinelli once kill a man?

His co-stars respond with a terrified, "NO!"... which means that not only has Peter killed someone, but he's also threatened to kill anyone who revealed the truth. Obviously.

And while Elizabeth Reaser tries to deny that Taylor Lautner's diet consists of nothing but Fanta and Slim Jims, her on-screen husband blows up his spot with a smug, "Yes." (We knew it.)

Robert Pattinson clearly prefers playing the yes-man: He happily gives us permission to call him "Bobby," confirms that his accent is fake and admits to keeping up with the Kardashians...but he looks downright pained when he turns down Josh's request to go bowling together. And when asked, "Was that the first time that you've broken a headboard?" we get a deer-in-headlights look and then a giggly, mortified negative.


Would you say "yes" to more goofy interview with the cast of "Twilight"?