Jonah Hill Stopping By For 'MTV First: The Sitter'

FROM MTV NEWS: Our first extended opportunity to chat with Jonah Hill came in the summer of 2005, when we met up with the then largely unknown actor and his co-star Justin Long on the set of "Accepted."

"I wouldn't say we're the next Farley and Spade," Hill told MTV News of his onscreen collaboration with Long. "I would say we're the next Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna."

And so the comedic gauntlet was thrown down. Hill has been making us laugh ever since, cracking us up during interviews and bringing the funny in "Superbad," "Cyrus," "Get Him to the Greek" and many more. To celebrate his latest, "The Sitter," and because we just have such a good time talking with Hill, we're very proud to announce "MTV First: The Sitter," an exclusive sit-down with the actor.

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