'Hunger Games' News: Hair, Hemsworth And High Expectations

Liam HemsworthWe may not have a new trailer just yet to sate our "Hunger Games" cravings, but, thankfully, the internet is ripe with plenty of tribute talk this morning to keep our ravenous appetite at bay...for now. Let's peek the Panem stories you'll be talking about today:

1. Hair, glorious hair

InStyle spoke with "Hunger Games" hair department head Linda Flowers, who spilled some by-the-numbers scoop about coiffing the movie's stars and many, many extras. The most interesting stats? Elizabeth Banks (a.k.a. Effie) wore three different wigs: one pink, one green and one lavender. And about that "bizarre" Caesar Flickerman look Stanly Tucci teased to MTV News recently: "It's a dark navy blue wig in a Karl Lagerfeld-style ponytail," Linda told the mag.

2. Liam Hemsworth only had eyes for Gale

Despite rumors Liam was trying out for Peeta, according to Liam's Vanity Fair interview posted today, it was apparently always about Katniss' hunting buddy instead. "Oh yeah, it was always for Gale," the 21-year-old said of identifying with Gale while reading Suzanne Collins' novel. "It was always for Gale. I read the script, and Gale definitely felt more right than Peeta."

3. "Worth the wait"

And on the business side of things, Lionsgate executives talked with Bloomberg magazine, saying they have big hopes for the big-screen adaptation. “Hey, we’ve got something really special here,” said Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate's co-chairman and chief executive officer. “We would be disappointed if we didn’t make three or four movies." We would be too, Jon.

What do you think about all this "Hunger Games" news? Are you surprised by the sheer number of wigs needed for the production? Did you always envision Liam as Gale (and never as Peeta)? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!