Ryan Gosling Is 'Just Nice To Look At' In New Funny Or Die Spoof

Ryan GoslingBetter late than never, internet.

In the Biggest Case Of The Duhs ever, Funny or Die has declared Ryan Gosling "just nice to look at" in their latest spoofy effort. (It probably goes without saying that we agree times 1 bajillion...)

In this new clip from the comedy website, Mr. Gosling stars in a trailer for "Quiet Ryan," a cinematic masterpiece rated M for Mute. In reality, the video is a mash-up of Ryan's best non-speaking moments from films like "The Notebook," "Blue Valentine" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love." And if the shirtless clip from that latter movie is any indication, sometimes silence really is golden.

Watch the full trailer after the jump!

My only real complaint here is that there isn't more top-doffed Ryan to ogle at. Either the brains at Funny or Die forgot to call in their female staffers or sans-shirt Ryan is much too loquacious for his own good. I may need to do some further investigating into Ryan's oeuvre...the rest of the afternoon.

Quiet Ryan - watch more funny videos

What do you think of this clip from Funny or Die? Just the right kind of Ryan for you? Or is something (ahem, abs) missing for you? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!