MTV First: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1': Only The Adorable Parts

Let's be real: If you missed our exclusive MTV First: "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" interview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, there's not a whole lot we can do to assuage your feelings of grief, loss and self-loathing after your total failure to properly pay attention to this Very Important Moment in Popular Culture. I mean, it was epic, man, and you MISSED IT. But hey, let us try to make it up to you with a best-of clip! Because even if you didn't catch the whole thing, you can probably still feel mostly okay about long as you're aware of the following adorable moments from our special.

1. In which Kristen wigs

When Josh Horowitz told the trio that they were about to watch Kristen and Rob's first-ever "Twilight" interview with MTV, Kristen had what can only be described as a REACTION. "I don't think you understand what this does to me!" she wailed—and then took a Lap of Humiliation around our set.

2. In which you'll never see lunchmeats the same way again

Let's just say that Rob's description of the G-string he wore during the "Breaking Dawn" sex scenes is not to be missed.

3. In which we see everybody's abs

Who had the better-muscled torso: Taylor in "Eclipse" or Rob in "New Moon"? Who's more bitter about it: Rob or Josh Horowitz?

4. In which Rob and Kristen get cute

It's not like we don't know who Kristen was talking about when she coyly mentioned an unnamed "British boyfriend" last month, but it's still super-cute to see that they're close enough to know the contents of each others' iPods.

How would you rank these moments in order of adorableness? And did we get all the cutest clips on our list?