'Shatter Me' EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer: Meet Your Next Dystopian Heroine

Over the summer, our exclusive reveal of the cover for "Shatter Me" got the YA literati buzzing with excitement for this upcoming addition to the dystopian teen lit canon. And if your interest was piqued by the fierce-looking heroine on the book's high-contrast jacket, get ready to have it... piqued-er! Because today, we've got another tease for the book before it's released on November 15: an EXCLUSIVE first look at the trailer, courtesy of publisher HarperCollins.

Watch the "Shatter Me" EXCLUSIVE book trailer!

Meet Juliette, a girl whose fingertips hold the power to kill. A shadowy organization known as "The Reestablishment" has locked her away for nearly a year, and as the trailer opens, we see her sitting in shadow—imprisoned, alone and desperate to understand the hand that fate has dealt her. Is she a monster? A hero? Some combination of the two?

...Well, we don't know (although we'll be finding out as soon as this book hit shelves, because holy incredible premise, Batman!). But between the pounding music, the shattering lines of text and what looks like an epic escape sequence followed by some high-drama (and highly dangerous, under the circumstances) snogging, it's not hard to see why this is one of the most hotly anticipated titles this year...or why plans to make a movie are already in the works.

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