Style Superstar: Kristen Stewart Blocks Out The Competition

Everyone knows that an ebony frame is the perfect way to showcase your classic photos—but this week, a few intrepid ladies took that same logic to the red carpet, framing their own assets in eye-catching basic black. And whether it's a colorblocked dress or cutaway bodice, the look is clearly worthy of Style Superstardom...if you do it right. Whose geometric dress showed off all the right angles? And whose push-up top pushed things just a little too far? Read on!

We've already talked up Kristen Stewart's cute interview on "The Tonight Show," but we've got to give her a Style Superstar nod today for the look she locked during her appearance. Kristen was the picture of confidence when she walked on stage, and her dark locks and creamy skin were set off to perfection by the bright blue and black of a Monique Lhuillier dress. This is a sophisticated look for Kristen, but the colorblocked geometric pattern is young, fun and unexpected—and the half a foot that her stylist lopped off the hemline keeps the dress looking fresh and informal (and shows off the girl's famous gams).

Meanwhile, another leggy gal in a black patchwork ensemble made a red-carpet appearance this week at the Barney's New York Cocktail Party—but where KStew's look struck just the right note, Blake Lively's Dolce & Gabbana dress and wild Louboutin heels were a style cacophony. This dress, with its black lace miniskirt and bright floral bustier, is a tough sell just on its own; between the palette and the pattern, it looks like it might have appeared in her closet via a wormhole from the mid-1990s. But with the shoes? I mean, we know they're Louboutins, but...but...but they're still white snakeskin stilettos. Next time, we hope she'll pick one or the other—the dress, or the heels—and class it up by toning it down.

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What do you think of our black-blocked fashionistas?