MTV First: 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1': Our 5 Favorite Moments

They came, they saw, they giggled. We welcomed Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to the MTV airwaves to debut a never-before-seen clip from their upcoming "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," and they were kind enough to stick around for an in-depth chit-chat. And by in-depth, we're talking everything from six-pack abs to sex, sex, sex.

Of course, there were many stand-out moments from the evening, but we've narrowed down our favorites to a choice five that we'll savor for a long, long time. Read past the jump to see our top picks and click play on the video to watch them for yourself! a G-string

Okay, so he wasn't actually wearing a G-string for our webcast (though we reserve the right to insist he do so for a potential MTV First: "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"), but his hilarious recollection of wearing the itty-bitty skivvies and how they looked like "old ham" was priceless. Thanks, sir.

"Something Old, Something Blue"

Obviously one of the highlights of our MTV First was the EXCLUSIVE pre-wedding moment we debuted. We've got a soft spot for Charlie, and him giving Grandma Swan's vintage hair clip To Bella was a moment of aw-inducing proportions. Be sure to watch it again...and again...and again...

Taylor's T-shirt time

Bella dissed him and all he got was a T-shirt from Josh Horowitz. Thank goodness he'll find some love in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Spoiler?

Kristen doesn't want you to see that

Of course we dug Kristen's very first MTV "Twilight" interview out of the archives because we expected some sort of reaction, but I don't think anyone expected THAT KIND OF REACTION. The starlet jumped out of her seat and nearly flew across the studio to avoid setting eyes on that bit of nostalgia. "As far as I'm concerned, this doesn't exist," she said emphatically. Um, but Kristen, it kinda does.

The ab war

Plenty of seconds were dedicated to deep analysis of the midsections of both Rob and Taylor. And Mr. Pattinson wants you to know that his weren't painted on. But if they were, so were Taylor's.

What was your favorite moment from our MTV First: "Breaking Dawn - Part 1"? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!