'Breaking Dawn' EXCLUSIVE Clip: Bella Gets Her Something Blue

Did you say "I do" to our "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" sneak peek scene, debuted during tonight's MTV First? Even if you did, we're guessing you'll probably want to renew your vows...over and over and over again, so click play on the clip below to view our EXCLUSIVE look at "Something Old, Something Blue."

As you probably surmised from our teaser photo posted yesterday, this scene captures the emotional moments leading up to Bella and Edward's other-worldly wedding ceremony. Alice (with Rosalie's help) is fussing over the bride-to-be, as mom Renee enters for a mascara-smudged tearfest. And then there's Charlie. Oh, old, lovable Charlie. He's got a gift for Bella, completing the wedding custom with something old and something blue all in one: a dazzling hairclip festooned with twinkling sapphires—an embellished heirloom once belonging to Grandma Swan.

And, no, that's not a tear rolling down my cheek! I, uh, just have allergies...

What do you think of this sneak peek clip, Twilighters? Are you a little verklempt too? Let's hug it out in the comments and on Twitter!