Woody Harrelson Loves 'Hunger Games' Co-Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson

When Woody Harrelson took some time to chat with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, he couldn't help but talk about how awesome his "Hunger Games" co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are. Woody, who plays Haymitch in the upcoming adaptation of Suzanne Collins' novel, laughed when asked how it was working with Jennifer as she plays the heroic Katniss. "She's a character," Woody enthused.

Woody was then kind enough to extend the compliment to District 12's other tribute, Josh, who's playing Peeta. "I think they are just marvelous actors. I think they just knocked it out of the park. They really went for it," Woody said.

It was the extensive combat training that the leads went through that really impressed Woody. "They worked really, really hard, all that fighting stuff," he said.

The compliments didn't stop with their acting ability though. According to Woody, Jennifer and Josh are just good people too. "Just as people, about as fun as it gets. They really are fun folks," Woody said. "It's cool because I've never even done a sequel, and I just signed on for four friggin' movies, so we're going to be spending a lot of time together between doing the movies and press and everything. It's great to love these guys."

He also said that he enjoyed the experience with his two younger co-stars so much that he can't wait to finish off the series with the next three movies. "Having done this first one, I can say I do look forward to doing the next one. It wasn't a chore, you know," Woody said. "It was actually the opposite. It was a lot of fun. They manage to mix business and pleasure very well, that whole group. I say we get after it again next year."

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