Taylor Lautner Talks Thrill-Seeking, Flirts With Martha Stewart On 'Tonight Show'

Taylor LautnerAs "The Twilight Saga" begins drawing to a close, it seems fitting the series' stars reflect on where it all began, and Taylor Lautner did just that last night by returning to the scene of his very first talk show appearance: "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." Taylor took to the stage in a finely tailored navy suit and purple tie to talk dressing up and venturing out.

Noting his dapper appearance and the similarly styled looked he flaunted on the cover of Australia's GQ, Jay had plenty of queries about Taylor's style. Yes, he's growing a bit of a beard, and yes, he enjoys suit time. "I like changing it up," Taylor said. "It's always great putting on the suit."

Of course, we like it much better when he takes it off (*nudge, nudge*), something he does frequently in order to fully embrace his international, adrenalin-fueled journeys. The cutie recalled a recent trip to Australia where he indulged his thrill-seeking ways by race-car driving ("I literally thought I was going to die") and black-light miniature golfing. Yeah, you read that right.

"It was dark and smelly and there was weird music," Taylor recalled of the odd outing, which he said he discovered in a travel guide ranking it as the No. 2 attraction in Melbourne.

After plenty of sports talk that we zoned out on (football, football, blah, blah), Jay brought out Martha Stewart for her segment, and the domestic goddess wasn't afraid to throw a few friendly jabs Taylor's way. In fact, when talked turned to Halloween, Martha made a point to swivel in her chair and ask Taylor: "Did your mom go through your candy bag this year?" Mr. Lautner joked along good-naturedly, even agreeing to come on her show to learn how to bake.

A sense of humor and kitchen skills? TOTAL. PACKAGE.

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