Damian McGinty On 'Glee': What's Next For Rory?

With his emerald apparel and thick Irish brogue, "Glee Project" co-winner Damian McGinty made his big debut last night on the Fox musical series as foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan. And though he didn't win access to Brittany's "Pot O' Gold" (despite chowing down on faux cat poop), Damian told us that we should expect a few touchy-feely moments between him and another "Glee" cast member—Cory Monteith!

"Rory goes on a real journey," Damian told MTV News of his upcoming story arc (so far he's slated for seven episodes). "We're just at the end of episode seven, and we're just about to start episode eight, which I think eight is sectionals. Rory goes on a real journey. For him, it's all about fitting in and trying to make friends and be wanted and welcomed. It's kind of happening, and it's kind of happening not at all. Finn is Rory's mentor. Finn has taken Rory under his wing. There's kind of a cute big-brother-little-brother thing going on there. There's a nice part coming up that's going to be good."

Obviously, Damian couldn't reveal the specifics of this upcoming "nice part," but I'm hoping it involves Mr. Hudson securing a date for the lovable loser. This guy is just too cute to roam the halls of McKinley all alone...

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