'Glee' Recap: 'Pot O' Gold'

GleeI should probably address the big statutory elephant in the room first and foremost. While anyone could have seen the sparks between Puck and Shelby coming from a mile away, the surprise kiss at the end of last night's "Glee" must have caused more than a fair share of pull-hugging gasps. It was all kind of cathartic and definitely nice to see a sweeter Puck balance out the earnest craziness of Quinn. Framing Shelby as a bad adoptive mother for Beth qualifies as going off the deep-end a bit, for sure. Quinn's gone dark, and she's going all the way. The storyline stuck out throughout the episode as the most interesting (and anytime a Foreigner song is featured, I'm sold), so seeing things move that quickly right away definitely digs the hooks in audiences for the next few weeks. This could mean so many things for both Shelby and Puck, not to mention Quinn, who probably won't be too happy about the whole arrangement. If you haven't brushed up on your law recently, I'll fill you in. Even if Puck's past the legal age of consent, this cannot happen. As a guest star, Idina Menzel isn't expected to stick around too long, so we should see some fireworks soon.

They didn’t exactly waste any time, either, introducing Damian McGinty’s character after his shared win on "The Glee Project" this past summer. Rory Flanagan, a new exchange student, showed up right away to charm(s) his way into Brittany’s "pot of gold," which he hopes eventually means a snog or two. The relationship is unfortunate for a few reasons. Brittany doesn’t exactly understand that Rory is only Irish and not an actual leprechaun. She also can’t understand most of what he says. Rory plays along with Brittany's assertion that granting her three wishes will earn him her pot of gold. The bullied new kid just hopes that if he sorts through enough boxes of Lucky Charms and hides enough Snickers bars in her cat’s litter box, he’ll get the kiss he’s hoping for. For all his troubles, we were treated to an interesting take on the Kermit the Frog classic "Bein' Green."

The other big issue is the bad girl from Lima Heights Adjacent, Santana. She and Brittany actually go on an official date together to Breadsticks. (Love that Brittany knows it’s a date because Santana’s paying and she ordered shrimp!) Now that Santana has finally got Brittany where she wants her—holding hands under a napkin—she feels conflicted when Mercedes approaches her to join Shelby's new all-girl glee club. Santana wants to leave but fears leaving Brittany in New Directions, and it doesn't take long for Finn to catch on to Santana's plot, which is indeed maniacal and involves Rory's ability to grant wishes. Santana uses a loop-hole and only wishes for one thing: for Brittany to leave New Directions and join what becomes known as the Troubletones. The trick works for the most part, but when Finn calls Brittany an idiot, she doesn't need to hear anymore. She's officially a Troubletone, and the girls show off their new lineup with a rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Candyman." As both Mr. Schue and Finn conclude, they're going to spell trouble for the New Directions.

What would theater kids of the world do without dads like Burt Hummel? They wouldn’t star in productions of "West Side Story," I'll tell you that much. After Sue successfully campaigned for the school to take away the musical's already miniscule budget, Will pushes the glee kids to venture out into the neighborhood and find advertisers for the program. When Kurt approaches his dad, Burt doesn't take the budget crisis lying down. He goes straight to Lima's three funeral parlors and finds enough donations to fund the entirety of the musical. Not only that, Mr. Hummel promises to take down Sue's campaign as his next mission. This leads Will and Burt to their own separate but similar epiphanies. Kurt's dad is the man to take down Sue Sylvester.

The rest of the episode was filled up with moments of the less-active members of New Directions seeming hopeless and breaking out into a barely justified version of "Friday Night." (To remind us that glee is still fun?) Rory ended the episode with a very, very high falsetto on "Take Care of Yourself." Just when you think he's going to come back down to a normal range, he sings one more bar of the high stuff.

Check out Jim Cantiello's hilarious musical "Glee"-cap below!

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