'Glee' Newbie Damian McGinty Says Heather Morris Is A Lot Like Brittany (In A Good Way)

If anyone could compare the real-life Heather Morris to Brittany S. Pierce and make it sound sweet, it's Damian McGinty, the "Glee Project" winner who will make his debut on the Fox musical series tonight. MTV News recently chatted with the Irishman about his first episode, and one thing he couldn't stress enough was how awesome he thinks co-star Heather is.

"Heather Morris is amazing. She really is," Damian enthused. The two worked together a lot over the course of Damian's planned seven-episode arc since his character, Rory Flanagan, is an exchange student who crashes at the Pierce house during his stay.

Damian said that having Heather there to work with him helped him adjust to his new job on "Glee." "She really helped me settle in well because for the first few days I was on set, it was kind of me and Heather a lot. We got through a lot of material. She was super nice," he said.

The 19-year-old also admitted to noticing a few similarities between Heather and her less-than brilliant on-screen character, but promised he meant no harm. "It's kind of weird because I feel in many ways she's kind of like Brittany. I mean that in the best possible way," he insisted. "She's like the smart version of Brittany. She has so many incredible one-liners that just make you laugh, but they're smart one-liners. She's so witty."

Be sure to check out Damian's big "Glee" debut tonight at 8/7c on Fox. In the meantime, peek a photographic first look of Damian in "Pot 'O Gold"!

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