Demi Lovato Advises What Not To Wear This Halloween

by Christina Garibaldi

It’s Halloween—everyone’s favorite time of the year to dress up as someone entirely different! We hope you all have your costumes ready, but if by chance you don’t (you only have a few hours left!), Demi Lovato gave us some advice of what not to wear when going trick-or-treating.

"They should put on clothes. Put on clothes!" Demi exclaimed. "Girls that walk around with skimpy little costumes, don’t do that! It’s not cute, cover it up!"

There you have it, girls! Take it from Demi and wear a costume that shows more creativity rather than skin. So will Demi be taking her own advice this Halloween?

“I think I'm going to dress up, but I think I'm just going to pass out candy," Demi said. "I think I'm going to be a pirate or Ke$ha—two similar options; they're one in the same," she joked.

It sounds like Demi’s trick-or-treaters are in for something special!

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