My Favorite Scary Movie: 'Secret Circle' Star Adam Harrington Fears The 'Unknown'

Adam HarringtonBoo! Did we scare you? No? Okay, well, maybe a fright-night feature will get your knees knocking. In anticipation of Halloween, we asked a slew of celebrities to suggest their favorite scary movies to get you in the mood for the ooky, spooky holiday.

You probably know today's guest blogger, Adam Harrington, best as Adam Conant's dad, Ethan, on The CW's "Secret Circle." Which flick scares Adam? "Encounter With the Unknown"!

"A boy loses his dog in the woods in Missouri, nearby they find a mist-shrouded hole that moans and growls. When the boy’s dad is lowered by rope down the hole to find the dog, he starts screaming and when they pull him up, he's gone insane and his face changes colors."

OK, that plot summary doesn't really sound terrifying, but when I saw that as a very young kid, I was seriously scared for days. Of course, it didn't help that for weeks afterwards, my dad would hide in places and as I passed he'd start moaning and growling like the hole did. The movie was called "Encounter With the Unknown,” a group of three shorts based on actual events with Rod Serling narrating (which if you remember him [he hosted "The Twilight Zone"], he could make anything sound true...and scary). It's the movies that scare you with what you DON'T see, and let our imagination run wild (like the beginning of "Jaws") that I love the most.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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