'Pretty Little Liars' Reveal Their Favorite Scary Movies

by Lauren Kearney

"Pretty Little Liars" provides viewers with a mixture of thrills and suspense—a perfect recipe for Halloween fun. So when we visited the set of the ABC Family series, we asked the cast what movies they usually tune in to for a scare or just to get into the Halloween spirit.

Lucy Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery on the series, enjoys the classics. "I like 'Psycho' or 'The Shining,' but that’s more of a thriller. But I like the older scary movies," she said.

For Tyler Blackburn, better known to viewers as Caleb Rivers, in order for a movie to catch his attention it needs to either mess with your head or star a sexy actress! "I love psychological thrillers, I mean, 'The Sixth Sense' is such a classic," he enthused. "You know, honestly, there’s a movie 'What Lies Beneath,' which at the time I saw it, I was freaked out by that. I thought that was great. Plus Michelle Pfeiffer is a such babe."

But Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, isn’t looking for a scary as much as a Halloween-esque experience. "I don’t know about favorite scary movie, but I will say my favorite Halloween-ish movie: 'Hocus Pocus.' And we were all talking about that when we were shooting that [Halloween] episode, and we were just like, ‘This kind of reminds us of "Hocus Pocus."’ But that’s my Halloween movie. Every Halloween I watch it."

So if you’re looking to score a great horror movie this Halloween, take it from the people who know about thrillers!

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What's your favorite scary movie?