'Like Crazy' Opens Today: 5 Reasons To Fall In Love

by Katie Calautti

"Like Crazy" may look a bit like the younger, gentler cousin of "Blue Valentine," but the film—centered on the long-distance romance between Londoner Anna (Felicity Jones) and American Jacob (Anton Yelchin)—is far less devastating.

Aside from the beautifully minimalist camerawork, heartstring-pulling performances and impressive improvisation-fueled dialogue, the sweet take on modern love boasts myriad grounds for setting your heart aflutter. Here are five solid reasons you’ll go crazy for “Like Crazy.”

You'll want to say you "knew them when"

The cast of “Like Crazy” can only be described as epic—featuring four of Hollywood’s most sought-after up-and-coming actors. Anton broke out as Chekov in 2009’s “Star Trek,” then proved he could hold his own against veteran heartthrob Colin Farrell in this past summer’s “Fright Night.” He’s already signed on for the next “Star Trek” flick, and that surely won’t be the last you see of him. The stunningly beautiful Felicity worked with Julie Taymor in last year’s “The Tempest” and boasts a full slate of films for the remainder of this year and next, including “Hysteria” with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy and her “Like Crazy” director Drake Doremus’ next project. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Jacob’s gal on the side, Sam, famously burst onto the scene in last year’s indie hit “Winter’s Bone,” and will be filling the substantial shoes of lauded young adult novel heroine Katniss Everdeen in next year’s big-screen adaptation of “The Hunger Games.” And the hunky Charlie Bewley, as Anna’s neighbor Simon, is not to be ignored—he plays vampire Demetri in the “Twilight” series, after all (including this November’s “Breaking Dawn").

Two words: Anton. Yelchin.

That profile, those lips, the tufts of unruly curled hair! This guy has heartthrob written all over his cute little boy-next-door face. It doesn’t hurt that his character is mind-numbingly adorable, with an easy laugh and a searing gaze. Not to mention the fact that Jacob—a furniture designer—knows how to work with his hands. You’ll never look at your desk chair the same way again.

Refreshingly realistic romance

This movie isn’t afraid to show you—as Anna puts it—the “gory bits.” Love is messy, after all—you’re witness to Jacob and Anna’s fights, separations and illicit trysts. We chuckled during a scene where the two argued about what to eat—the familiarity of it really hit home, that fantastic display of grouchiness and irrationality. And—psst—we were more than a little flustered to witness a scene featuring the future Katniss Everdeen having—gasp—sex! What would Suzanne Collins say?

Felicity's style

Felicity’s Anna is accessibly gorgeous—like your really healthy petite best friend with annoyingly good hair. Her effortless chic—pairing army jackets with opaque tights and ballet flats, or high-waisted pants with horizontally striped French-inspired shirts—will start your fashion gears churning. Someone get Urban Outfitters, Delia’s and Fred Flare on the line—we’ve got some franchising ideas!

The soundtrack

If you haven’t seen the “Like Crazy” trailer yet (which we've embedded above for your convenience), you're missing out on Ingrid Michaelson’s stunning rendition of “Fools Rush In.” Get thee to iTunes or Amazon and sample the rest of the goods, which includes “Dead Hearts,” off the most recent Stars album, the aptly named Paul Simon tune “Crazy Love, Vol. II” and a really beautiful, understated classical score by Dustin O’Halloran.

"Like Crazy" opens today.

We'll you be seeing "Like Crazy" this weekend?