Jamie Dornan Says He Has Some 'Fun Stuff' In Next 'Once Upon A Time' Ep

We're a couple days away from the second episode of "Once Upon A Time," and its star Jamie Dornan, whom you may also know as this week's Hump Day Hottie, recently let Hollywood Crush in on what to expect as the totally fun TV show progresses.

"Episode two there's a lot happening with Regina, because like 'Lost' [the two series share writers], they like to do in the early stages that everyone has their own episode pretty much," he said. "And you get a better taste of their background and what's brought them to this point. The second episode concentrates on Regina and the Evil Queen, so it's exciting. I have some fun stuff. We'll see the mayor start to crumble a little bit.

"It's so layered and clever beyond belief. It's meticulous in how it's thought up," he continued. "Every single thing that happens, there's a reason for it, and it corresponds to something that happened in fairytale land. And it's pretty complex stuff, but it's fun."

Oh, yeah, we're also going to get to know more about Jamie's character, Graham. He plays the town sheriff in the real world and calls playing his fairytale character a "trip," adding, "I can't reveal too much about mine. Essentially they're the same person at their core… It's a pretty big challenge… But that's the fun of it. One day you're just being normal, and then the next, you're in fairytale land. It's crazy. It's cool."

Although "Once" may be just starting, it'll gain competition tonight in the form of another fairytale series. "Grimm" joins "Once," as well as two versions big-screen adaptations of "Snow White," in the new craze. And Jamie has this message for all those other guys: "I don’t think anything matters except for 'Once'… I don't think anyone needs to watch any of the films that come out or 'Grimm' or any of that. Just concentrate on our show," he joked. "No, watch everything!"

But why so many fairytales lately? "There hasn't been stuff like this on mainstream television in a while in this form and I think people want it," Jamie said. "People want to see those classic stories."

Are you watching "Once Upon a Time"?