Myra McEntire's 'Hourglass' Time Traveling To Theaters!

HourglassWe love a good supernatural romance as much as the next guy, but let's face it, all the forbidden love affairs between a human person and a non-human something-or-other are starting to blend together. We've got humans and vampires, humans and werewolves, humans and tigers, humans and an intelligent mushroom named "Boris"...okay, maybe that last one isn't real. (At least, not until someone decides to publish our YA novel called "Fungi Are The Fun Guys." C'mon! It's trendy!!!) But just when the interspecies romance fatigue started to reach epic levels, Variety came through with the good news that teen-lit favorite "Hourglass"—featuring a romance between (gasp!) two regular human beings—has been optioned by Fox 2000.

Okay, so maybe they're not completely regular; the Myra McEntire-penned book is about a girl named Emerson Cole who discovers, thanks to the intervening wisdom of a sexy older dude, that the "ghosts" she's been seeing for the past few years are actually the shadows of real, living people from the past. And then there's time-travel. And also, kissing. But still! Humans! Falling in love!

Fortunately, we've learned our lesson when it comes to the paradox of time-traveling romance—namely, thinking about it too much makes our brain short-circuit. So rather than debating the complicated mechanics of quantum-leaping love, we'll keep our speculation strictly in the realm of the Right Now: Who should be cast in this movie? Our pal Sabrina over at TheFABlife has already thrown in for Shailene Woodley, who definitely has the impressive range needed to play the role of Emerson. Do you buy her as one half of a time-traveling couple? Discuss!

Have you read "Hourglass"? Are you psyched to see it optioned for film? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!