'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Masked'

Secret CircleI've finally found something beautifully menacing Faye and I have in common: We both love Halloween! So it was with the same uncharacteristic giddiness the bitch witch displayed while lugging around a zombie mannequin that I too relished last night's holiday-themed "Secret Circle."

The episode opened with Cassie and Faye perusing an antique shop in search of tricks and treats for the Halloween party Cassie would be hosting (thanks for skipping town on the scariest night of the year, Grandma Jane!). Of course, this being a shop in Chance Harbor dedicated to ancienty, mysterious items, it's owned by a witch. As Faye changed out of the multi-strand necklace she thought constituted a top, Cassie went to the counter to pay, but when she and shop-owner Calvin brushed hands, the mirror behind him shattered! Too many witchy powers at work?

At home, Jane confirmed Cassie's suspicions: Calvin's one of them. Apparently more magic-makers exist in town than just the six families we've been introduced to. But many fled Chance Harbor after the whole fire incident.

As Faye and Melissa later helped decorate for the party, Cassie discovered a piece of the symbol-strewn knife left behind by last week's witch hunter. Assuming Calvin might be able to give her more info about the dagger, Cassie set off to get some answers...and was abruptly stopped by Jake who bewitched her car's engine.

Meanwhile, he headed off to the shop to warn Calvin not to tell Cassie anything. And to make his point (and further suss out more "Secret Circle" mythology), Jake threatened him with the witch's true death. Which entails filling a charmed decanter with the witch's blood, a personal item and some herbish plant and then lighting it with a match. Jake compiled all of the ingredients, but left the potion unlit as insurance Calvin wouldn't squeal. And he was good to his word because when Cassie finally arrived, he played majorly dumb.

Hoping for answers, Cassie turned to recently single (and very mopey) Adam, who used a fancy computer algorithm to hunt down the meaning of the symbol. And, as any viewer would expect, the symbol was revealed to mean witch hunter. Cassie told Jake about their findings, but when he slipped and referred to three symbols (when the piece Cassie showed him was an incomplete instrument with only two symbols), she began to get suspicious.

Cassie, of course, was right to be weary of Jake, but as it turned out, there was an even less expected foe she would have to contend with: her one-time dance date Luke! He comes from a long line of witch hunters and was enlisted to help take out the witches at Cassie's party (which she conveniently invited him to earlier in the episode).

At the ooky, spooky bash, Cassie convinced Faye to use her feminine wiles to distract Jake while she did some business. That business being breaking into his house and rifling through his stuff, where she discovered a completely intact witch hunter knife. When Jake stumbled upon her in his room, he threw suspicion on dearly departed Nick, saying he had lots of problems. Cassie somehow sort of bought this, which really disappointed me. Can't you see right through that pretty face, Cassie!?! As was the plan, the Circle began being abducted one-by-one from the party, rounded up by the hunters.

Antique Shop Witch finally decided he would help Cassie: by telling her about the black magic within her. But Jake caught him, learned what he needed about Cassie's true abilities and then set the match to the glass decanter, killing Calvin in what looked like a very painful manner.

As Luke was about to sacrifice the witches at the hunters' lair, Jake warned the head hunter that they wouldn't be able to kill Cassie the "normal" way because of her black magic. But he didn't listen. Too bad, because Cassie used her supernatural skills to light Luke on fire before he had a chance to burn the witches. As the Circle retreated from the shed, they found a bleeding Jake outside, who claimed he had been witchnapped too. Oh boy. Seriously, guys? Why do you trust him? And at home, Cassie found the papers Calvin left for her. What do they mean?

Finally, in the land of the olds, Cassie's grandmother went up to Henry's cabin to check on him, but as we could have told her, he was dead. She fished out his crystal from a hiding place to try and revive him, but an intruder knocked her out and swiped the crystal. Who wants to bet it was Mr. Meade?

What did you think of last night's "Secret Circle"? Are Adam and Diana going to be able to make it work? How long until the witches figure out Jake's true agenda? Who had the best costume? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!