‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: ‘Ghost World’

by Cassie Title

If Mystic Falls wasn’t enough of a weird, supernatural vortex for you (vampires, werewolves and hybrids, included) than last night’s influx of ghosts must’ve made you pretty happy. You know who else was pretty happy? Basically, no one. Starting with…

Damon. As the episode opened, dude was tied up and bound in a chair. I, for one, had a sneaking suspicion that this was not going to turn into the S&M scene we’ve all been waiting for, but a girl can dream. Who had tied Damon up if it wasn’t sexy Katherine (is she alive?!), or finally-succumbing-to-the-tension Elena, or evil-ripper Stefan? Mason Lockwood, of course! The dead, ghostly werewolf. Damon couldn’t see him, but using his smarts, figured out that the torture scene that unfolded was parallel to the scene in which he killed dear Mason. So, he went to find…

Bonnie. Poor, poor Bonnie. You may be a strong, badass witch, but damn, girl, your life is a mess. Normally, ghosts can’t interact with people, but since Bonnie did that spell to get rid of Vicki, problems ensued. To fix it, she performed a manifestation spell, which basically made everything worse. A door from the other side cracked open, so spirits with unfinished business were free to roam among the living. Which brings us to…

Sheila. Hey, Grams! Things were a’moving and the wind was a’blowing and out popped Bonnie’s witch grandmother to help her set things straight. Sheila explained how Bonnie had upset the balance of nature when she brought Jeremy back to life (we already knew this, duh), and how it’s her duty to set it right. The door she cracked open to the other side allowed for the original witch to cross over. In order to make things go back to normal (or as normal as they can be in Mystic Falls), Bonnie must destroy the original witch’s talisman: Elena’s (Rebekah’s) necklace. Too bad it’s currently in the hands of…

Anna. Girl, we love you, but kissing your living ex-boyfriend who’s dating a living witch while you’re a dead vampire-ghost was just bad form. That’s right folks; it’s no longer emotional cheating. Those two actually made out. And were caught by Elena. Who was looking for…

Lexi. The two embarked on some “Ripper Detox 101” to try and save Stefan. She caused him to hallucinate; Stefan experienced intense pain, as if he was without blood for three months, nine months, two years, five years, etc. She also kept stabbing him so he would feel something. All of this was done to help convince Stefan to turn his feelings back on. But, man, he is a blood addict! When he pleaded with Elena to free him, he was just like a drug addict, saying anything to get his hands on his vice.

By the way, Tyler and Rebekah were nowhere to be found. Were they together?!
Who knows, but one odd couple was: Damon and Mason went on an expedition to the Lockwood cellar. Apparently, there was some sort of weapon hidden in there that would be able to kill an original vampire. Mason wanted to free Tyler of his siring to Klaus, so he enlisted Damon’s help. And required an apology! Which Damon hardly gave, and gave it very, very weakly. But it was OK, because Mason didn’t want revenge; he wanted redemption. Cue the Switchfoot song (which should’ve played!), just as the discovery was discovered!

But first, Anna had stolen the necklace so she could stick around to find her mother. Other tomb vampires were around, so she thought that maybe Pearl was, too. (She also may have wanted to hang out with Jeremy a little longer.) She gave it back, Bonnie did the spell and all the spirits went back to the other side. But, not before Frederick and some other tomb vamps killed Tobias Fell at a founder’s celebration (the déjà vu between that whole scene and the season 1 finale was incredible), Anna joyously reunited with Pearl and Lexi told Elena that Stefan was still there, she just needed to break through.

Now that Mason was gone, Damon, being a vampire and unable to enter the crazy cave hidden in the Lockwood cellar, needed a human to get in. So, he called his old friend Alaric. Who, earlier, very childishly said: We’re not friends! I don’t like you anymore! But Alaric and Damon reestablished their bromance, where Damon, as wholeheartedly as Damon is able to, apologized to Alaric for killing him and meant it. And so Alaric stepped into the cave, and found some freaky, ancient-looking, hieroglyphic-type things in 21st century America. Weird! According to next week’s previews, it looks like the drawings are actually names in Viking script of originals. I smell the greatest flashback of all time and I simply cannot wait a week to watch it.

Oh, and the necklace didn’t actually get destroyed. It popped out of the fire and that was crazyish. Additionally, Bonnie dumped Jeremy. Good thing; he did say (not to her, of course) that he always loved Anna, which is kind of funny now, because I distinctly remember him loving Vicki while we were all thinking that he should be loving Anna and then him finally loving Anna for, like, one episode.

Anyway, tis the end of Beremy or Jonnie.


Where were Rebekah and Tyler? How exciting was it to see all of our favorite departed characters? Were you happy to finally see Anna and Pearl reunite? Can you believe that Jeremy cheated on Bonnie with a dead girl? Do you think Elena’s being strong in regards to Stefan, or is she starting to just sound like a broken record with her talk of hope? And what is going on with the Viking script? Rebekah did mention that they were probably the first settlers in Alaric’s history class an episode ago… Let us know what you think on Twitter or in the comments below!

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