'Pretty Little Liars': What Halloween Candy Satisfies Their Sweet Tooth?

by Henna Kathiya

When I think "Pretty Little Liars," the term "guilty pleasure" definitely comes to mind. So when MTV News recently visited the set of the ABC Family series, we had to ask the stars which guilty pleasures (i.e. sweet Halloween treats) they crave.

While star Troian Bellisario likes to sink her teeth into caramel apples and pumpkin-flavored things, cutie Ian Harding said he likes to opt for something a bit on the softer side.

"Those marshmallow pumpkins I think always top everything. I love them because they’re like the perfect size cause candy corn is such a tease," he says.

If candy corn is a tease, then that happens to be right up Shay Mitchell’s alley.

"Candy corn. Love it. I only eat it on Halloween. And there was a lot of it on the Halloween episode so I was like, yeah!"

The other two stars we talked to, Tyler Blackburn and Lucy Hale, took opposing views on the great chocolate vs. sour candy debate.

Tyler loves anything chocolate, evident from his long list of Reese’s, Snickers and Twix. Lucy, on the other hand, claims that she was never a “chocolate girl.” "I like the sour stuff like Sour Patch Kids and Nerds and Swedish Fish," she says.

Hopefully these sugar habits won’t get in the way of the cast’s pretty little smiles.


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