Amandla Stenberg Reveals New Twist To Rue's Whistle In 'Hunger Games'

You've seen the premiere of the EXCLUSIVE Peeta character poster from "The Hunger Games," and now we have scoop about another beloved character from the series. MTV News talked with Amandla Stenberg, who plays District 11 tribute Rue, last night at Teen Nick's HALO Awards, and we learned a little bit about her character and what could be a surprising reveal about her famous whistle.

Amandla first shared a little bit about her character in the upcoming movie. "My character is Rue, and she become the main character's best friend in the arena," Amandla explained, referring to Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss. "It's a really big part."

All of this, we already knew, but the juicy part of what Amandla said had to do with Rue's whistle, an element from the books that the teaser trailer tucked away as a bonus for fans. "She has a special whistle that she uses to communicate with her friend, so you'll have to see what it sounds like," Amandla teased.

She then added that the version in the movie would differ slightly from how it is featured in the books. "I actually sang instead of whistling," Amandla continued. This may come as a bit of a surprise to fans of the book, since the whistle plays heavily into Katniss and Rue's relationship.

See what else Amandla (and co-star Jackie Emerson, who plays Foxface) had to say—specifically whether they're Team Peeta or Team Gale—by clicking on the video below!

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