Halloween Costume How-To: Blush As 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding-Belle Bella

We know you've been waiting on it, and we won't taunt you any longer: Yes, ladies, we are going to instruct you on how to create your very own Halloween look based on the "Breaking Dawn" wedding, so that you, too, can spend an evening sauntering around, dressed all in ethereal white, and pretending that you're about to become Mrs. Edward Cullen.

...You know, for a change.

Even though the movie won't be out until well after Halloween, Bridal Bella is bound to be one of this year's most recognizable looks—and if you dress up as her this year, you're already covered for costume ideas next Halloween when (obviously!) you'll want to dress up as Vampire Bella from "Breaking Dawn - Part 2."

Fortunately, Bella's wedding style is easy to recreate—all you need is a bridal-looking dress (check the selection at your local Goodwill or thrift-store flea market), some sparkly accessories (we recommend this replica engagement and wedding ring set and hair clip from Hot Topic, both for $28), and a beautiful, floaty veil (or even a $10 chiffon scarf like this one from Sears). The sparkly, undead groom is optional.

Of course, some "Twilight" fans may already have these items readily available—since, let's be real, there's no better way to spend a lonely weeknight than to dress up as Bella the Bride, set up an audience of red-eyed dolls dressed in formal wear and reenact the whole "Breaking Dawn" wedding scene from beginning to end using our dog as a stand-in for Edward Cullen.


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