Drake Bell Will Star In 'Ragz' As...A Fairy Godmother?

It’s a timeless tale, but Nickelodeon has found a brand new way to re-tell "Cinderella." Drake Bell will be joined by fellow Nick stars Keke Palmer and Max Schneider for a fresh take on the fairytale the network's dubbed, "Ragz." Drake stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently to tell us all about the reimagining.

"We were in Canada earlier this year doing a hip hop musical which is pretty cool," Drake told MTV News. "It's basically the story of Cinderella told from a boy's point of view. It's the story from rags to riches [and] basically [Max's character] wants to be a performer. He wants to be a rock star so he does whatever he can to do that."

Like what? "He gets a job at a record label, and he's the janitor and my character is the fairy godmother, who is a sound engineer at the label," he explained of the flick due out in 2012. "And he's in cleaning the mics...he wants to sing...so i kind of go, 'Hey man, I'll record you. Let's do this.' I'm the fairy godmother that comes in every once and while to make sure the next thing happens for him."

Drake has been with Nick for over a decade now, having appeared on his own series, "Drake and Josh," as well as shows like "iCarly," "The Amanda Show," and "Zoey 101." He says that he keeps working with the network because it just, well, works. "I mean i love working with people who I have a relationship with," he said."For example I've worked with [producer] Dan Schneider for 13 years. It's like being in a band that just works. You're gonna be U2; maybe you'll go do a solo project, but you're always going to want to come back to where it works. The creativity and the freedom that I have there too, they know it works. It's just nice and the people are great. It's like family. I grew up with them."

Will you be checking out "Ragz"?