'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'-Inspired Line To Goth Up H&M

What's the only thing better than dressing up as "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" heroine Lisbeth Salander for Halloween?

Dressing up as Lisbeth Salander in real life! All the time! Until you are 95 percent positive that you are, in fact, a gorgeous goth-girl hacker with great style, no limits and a highly overdeveloped sense of vengeance—and which, you can accomplish shortly with a new line of lovely clothing created by the same uber-talented costume designer who styled the American remake of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo".

That designer is Trish Summerville—who's best-known as the woman who turned pretty little Rooney Mara into a blood-drenched icon of bad-assery, and who collaborated with H&M to create a collection of accessible, affordable clothes based on the signature Salander style. (Think: lots of black, lots of leather, lots of strategic shredding.)

Fortunately for the less-daring fashionistas among us (or, you know, the ones who need to remain gainfully employed at corporate casual workplaces), there's no requirement that you go full-on with the boots, the black hair and the scary-spiky dog collar; according to a press release from the Swedish retailer, Trish describes her goal for the collection as "for women to find pieces in it that they love and then mix them with their own wardrobe to create their own personal style."

Want to snag your own Salander signature piece—be it a distressed hoodie, an asymmetrical-zip coat or trousers that look like they've been in a knife fight? Keep an eye out at your local H&M; the collection will debut worldwide under the "Divided" label on December 14th.

Which of Lisbeth's statement-making clothes would you most like to add to your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!