'Warm Bodies' To Invade Theaters August 2012

Warm BodiesIf you're a big fan of unlikely supernatural love affairs in which one party may or may not be technically alive, here's some good news for that long, agonizing lag between the release of the last two "Twilight" films: Summit Entertainment has spoken, and "Warm Bodies" (also known as that zombie-related romance that doesn't make Jane Austen roll in her grave), will hit theaters on August 10, 2012!

Isaac Marion's star-crossed story of a romance between a wandering zombie named "R" and the girl he saves from losing her brain to the bellies of the roving undead, "Warm Bodies" is like a beautiful marriage of "Romeo & Juliet" with "Night of the Living Dead"—love, life, and longing on one hand, and on the other... BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!

Of course, the storyline raises certain questions about how to portray a human-zombie love affair on the big screen—like, how much cologne would the average zombie need to mask the stench of decay? And how do you handle that embarrassing moment when you go in for a kiss and your lips fall off? And when things start to get serious, how do they... um... y'know what, nevermind, we just had breakfast and we'd prefer to keep it safely inside. But regardless, we've been super-psyched for this movie since our delightful chat with director Jonathan Levine, who described the current state of filming as "awesome"—and with Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer already on board in the lead roles (not to mention the squinty, strangely enunciating John Malkovich as a warmongering father figure), "Warm Bodies" may be just what we need to fill out the burgeoning oeuvre of supernatural romance between people and people who...eat people.

Will you be in line for "Warm Bodies" on opening day?