Fandango Survey Says: You're Pretty Excited About 'Breaking Dawn'

Breaking DawnWith advance ticket sales for "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" well underway, and thousands of fans rushing to purchase their early admittance to the hottest vampire drama of the year, it's clear that the "The Twilight Saga" is a very big deal to a very large number of devoted fans. But just how devoted are these ticket-grabbing aficionados of all things Cullen?

Personally, we'd have guessed that Twilight Love was a nebulous tsunami of passion that defied statistical measurement! But the folks over at Fandango gave it a go anyway, measuring survey responses of a few thousand fans and offering us an exciting, EXCLUSIVE look at the results. And... well, let's just say that some of you guys don't just love "Twilight," you actually live it. Because, by the numbers:

-61%—that's how many of you guys know someone who would consider getting married at a movie theater where “Breaking Dawn” is playing. (But would you invite the Volturi?)

-However, it's not all about the wedding bells: a full 90% said that the horrific elements in “Breaking Dawn” make them more interested in seeing the movie.

-This one's for the kids: 52% of fans surveyed would consider naming any future children after characters in the “Twilight” series. But not every character gets equal play; 46% of those fans are claiming the name "Bella" for a future daughter. (Sorry, Emmett.)

-And finally, would-be vampire wedding guests are down with black-tie attire: 47% would consider showing up in formal wear to see ”Breaking Dawn."

Will this statistical showing from Fandango line up with the actual experience of moviegoers? We'll have to wait until opening night to see! That is, assuming we can get our evening gown dry-cleaned and find a sitter for little Edward and Alice.

Are you planning to attend the year's biggest vampire wedding in black tie attire, or name your kids after the "Twilight" cast? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!