Halloween Costume How-To: Catch Fire As Katniss From 'The Hunger Games'

Every year at Halloween, we spend hours trying to come up with the perfect pop-culture costume: that magical combination of Totally Original and Instantly Recognizable that makes everyone throw up their hands with envy and say, "Why didn't I think of that?!" (Note: Most years this endeavor ends in miserable failure after we waffle on our options until the last minute, come up with nothing and finally head to the store only to find that the good costumes are all already taken and we have no choice but to dress up as a zombie turnip. Again.)

But this year, after much pondering, we have a whole week's worth of costumes from this year's most talked-about shows, books and movies that are sure to be a hit at any party you attend. And first up:


Of course, every "Hunger Games" fan and their mother will probably show up at a party in Katniss paraphernalia—which is why we're offering a twist on what will probably be one of this year's more popular motifs. Rather than donning the drab black attire that Katniss wears in the arena (and that appeared briefly in the teaser trailer earlier this year), may we suggest that you dress as The Girl On Fire... on fire?

First things first: You will not actually be setting yourself on fire. Repeat, YOU WILL NOT BE SETTING YOURSELF ON FIRE. (And we are not liable for any hurty, burny injuries sustained to your person if you ignore the previous warning.)

And now that that's out of the way, let's talk costuming: In the book, Katniss describes her outfit as consisting of a full-body black unitard, black boots, and—of course—the red-, yellow-, and orange-accented cape and matching headpiece which Cinna sets on fire as she emerges before the crowd. But since (once again!) setting yourself on fire is a bad idea, this costume will be capped off not with real flames, but with the closest non-injurious approximation thereof.

Fortunately for all of us, sequined appliques made to look like flames are a real, actual thing (we like this one for only $9.99 a pair)! Or, if you're feeling really crafty, snag a collection of red, yellow, orange and white sequins and make your own. But either way, once you've got your basic blacks and boots on, get out the hot glue gun and trim your cape with lovely fire. Cap it off with an embellished headband—a spike of flame just above each each ear should do the trick—and you'll be good to go. (Just don't forget to put on the essential and instantly-recognizable mockingjay pin before you head to the party, or someone might mistake you for Criss Angel. And nobody wants that.)

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