Joe Manganiello On 'Magic Mike': More Nudity Than 'True Blood'

So this "Magic Mike" movie... I've said it once, and I'll keep saying it until I get to see the film, but gracious sakes, could this male cast be any hotter? Not only that, but everything we hear about it gets me more and more anxious and hopeful that director Steven Soderbergh will really deliver the goods (pun totally intended) when it finally arrives in theaters.

Yesterday we brought you the hilarious tale of thong wearing gone wrong by cutie pie Matt Bomer, and today we've got an equally exciting tidbit from Matt's co-star Joe Manganiello, who teases that there is a lot of nakedness in the movie.

"[Everyone is] pretty damn naked, and probably more naked than in 'True Blood' even, if you can believe it," Joe told us. "There are some dicey, dicey scenes in there. A lot of girls get naked too."

Joe also said that it's not all about the gratuitous aspect of watching male strippers, there's actual—gasp!—substance to the film (as if we needed any).

"It’s unbelievable, and it’s so funny. It feels like 'Animal House.' It's hysterical, it’s like a great guy, buddy movie but it’s also got a lot of stuff for the ladies," he said. "It’s got a little bit for everybody. It’s hysterical, like laugh-out-loud screaming funny."

With all those pretty men in the cast, what was the atmosphere like on set?

“Well, you know, it’s all kind of the sexy guys from their respective corners of the universe, but none of them take themselves seriously at all. So, it felt like spring break. We’re just like a bunch of bros just hanging out, you know, and just happened to male strip."

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