'Fred 2: Night Of The Living Fred' Takes On 'Twilight'

Are you a "Twilight" fan? Well, sure you are! We know you dream of sparkly vampires; we know you've watched all the movies at least 20 times each; we even know you named your cat "Edward" and your dog "Jacob," and devote at least three hours each day to waffling back and forth on which one of them you love more. (Nice scars, by the way—did you, by any chance, forget to have Edward declawed before trying to roleplay the wedding scene from "Breaking Dawn"?)

But for all your devotion to "The Twilight Saga," perhaps you still feel that there's something missing in the canon of Cullen-inspired entertainment? Something mysterious? Something essential?

Something like... THIS?!

This weekend on Nick, internet celebrity Fred Figglehorn is starring in his second movie: "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred." And while we're not entirely sure how to describe the cinematic triumph that is Fred (except to say that his high-pitched voice makes our bellybutton area feel kind of funny), we do know that this very special, "Twilight"-inspired moment from the movie is an important addition to the vampire oeuvre. Especially since an early draft of the "Twilight" script did, in fact, include projectile Pomeranian shapeshifters.*

*Yeah, okay, no it didn't.**


Do you love Fred's homage to "Twilight"?